Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm in love with love

I’m in love with love
 it touches me, in many, many
A starry night
a path over the lake
the brilliant moon  extends
for me to walk my dreams
and  all my fantasies!
 A golden globe
of pure and pristine light
rising  triumphant 
after the  longest
A gentle  breeze 
who moves my world to dance!
My garden
a piece of earth for me to work
and see and smell and touch
with these my hands that God
has given me
a treasure of the highest  kind!
A house with open doors
for love  to come and stay!
A smile so sweet
 so pure and innocent
that pierce my heart 
in  tender love!
A love that only love could envy
if love could envy so!
My friends and family
and above all
my love for God! 
Thanks, Love!!
Poema de Sandra Collazos McPherson
Dallas, TX April 27th, 2013