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Winter Solstice Ritual 2010

This year the Winter Solstice falls on Tuesday December 21 at 5:30 pm, U.S. central time.
The day begins with a full moon and full lunar eclipse at midnight of the 20th, in the sign of Gemini. It is a very important aspect in the sky because provides guidelines for the coming year.
The sign of Gemini represents the duality in all aspects of life. It is the energy of Yin and Yang building the real world around us, the positive and negative aspects of personality, the eternal battle between good and evil... As the Bible says, there is a time for everything in this world of duality.
It is interesting to note that the eclipse is in conjunction with two of the biggest stars in the sky, Betelgeuse and Polaris, symbolizing opposite poles.
A total eclipse adds more power to the energies that the moon pours over the landscape where the eclipse is visible, in this case, North and South America. The power the lunar eclipse bestows upon us is the ability to recognize these two forces at work within us,  reconcile them and in this way, become completely renovated in  Spirit and Soul.
From time immemorial, men has raised his gaze to the stars, study the configuration in the sky, made the appropriate calculations and was able to predict the kind of energy that this configuration would be pouring over certain locations on earth.
Just as the man of today can calculate the tides, predict solar storms and other aspects of certain stars, our ancestors knew about the influence the planets exerted over life on earth and particularly over the human being.
That's why all the kings kept an astrologer at hand, to know when  was the right time to make pacts with other nations, when to go to war, when not to travel by sea, etc.etc.
Today, astrology has lost the meaning it had at the time the Mayans, the Aztecs, the people of Mesopotamia, India, China, in short, all of these great civilizations now extinct,  when they could really take advantage of positive energy flows from these planets, and when people protected themselves from  planets in conflict, squares, oppositions and other negative aspects.
In my opinion, a strong will and great confidence in God, open the door to intuition and  we don’t need to study astrology, as we have a natural monitor within us that let us know when to step in and when not to.
But as the Winter Solstice is meant to take advantage of the rush of energy that spills from our star and it is a good way to start the year with the right foot and sail smoothly through the coming year, I like to know in advance about planetary influences in order to prepare well the vessel that is going to receive the positive energy of December 21.
The picking of the symbols that accompany the ritual, is the work of the Spirit, I'm just the messenger.
This year, the symbols are five stones, each assigned with a gift from the Spirit.
The stones are the foundation of the earth. To build a home we start with the foundation. The strength of the body is the bones, strong like stones, to support the body. Placed in a square, with the fifth stone in the center, they represent the base of a pyramid, a symbol of man and universe’s constitution: the four elements plus the fifth, which is the spirit. It is through the unification of the five elements that a man achieves total harmony and true union with God.
The beverage glasses with the different kind of wines represent the white and red blood cells in the blood, which must work in complete harmony to heal the body.  They also represent the two streams of energy flowing through our body, the Yin and Yang, two opposing principles that must come together to create the Tao, or Way; also they represent the dual nature of the human beings.


The Winter Solstice rituals are rituals of light, fire and heat, all symbols of the sun, which in turn is the symbol of the Spirit.

The rituals are composed of several steps.
1. - To eliminate the negativity of the current year by fire.
2. - Meditation, guided imagery. It aims to move us  beyond the conscious mind into the subconscious, the place of symbolism understanding.
3. - To pray and to welcome the light.
4. - Communion.
Materials to use

a red candle
a white candle for each participant
a bowl with 2 or 3 inches of water to place the red candle
a spoonful of salt
five small stones. (Write with permanent marker the following letters above each stone:
H (Health), P (Prosperity), L (Love), W (Wisdom) U (of Understanding)
2 small glasses. One with a little bit of red wine and the other with a little bit of white wine.
(If you do not drink liquor you can put purple grape juice in a glass and white grape juice in the other.
A bottle of red wine
a loaf of bread
A bell or a glass cup and a spoon to make it sound when the time comes.
A coin or a dollar bill for each participant.  It will be stored in the box and it is our magnet in order to always have money through the year.
First step:
1.-Arrange the table by placing the red candle in the center of the bowl with water to which you will have added a tablespoon of salt
2.-Write all the negatives on slips of paper that can easily burn. Write what you want to achieve and put it in a box. Also write a wish for the world and our fellowmen and put it aside.
3. - Turn on a small fire outside the home or light a candle to burn the negative. Each person burns their little papers, one by one while saying:
"I deliver you to the fire.  I've learned the lesson you came to teach me, now go and never come back to my life."
When you burn the slip of paper reads:
"Now I replace you  with the following: At this point we think of the ideal situation that will replace the negative situation affecting us."
4.-When everyone has burned their papers, everybody enter in the house. The lider of the ceremony  lit the incense and the red candle only.
5. - Each person lights his own candle on the red candle flame. Each person place in front of them the coin or dollar, the box, the five stones and the two cups with wine.
6. - One by one, everyone will say, when it is their turn:

“This year has been good for me”: (here, each one expresses what the year has meant to them) then say:  “thank you for the blessings and lessons you have brought into my life, they have made me a better person today”.
Now blow out your candle remain in a silent and meditative attitude.

7.-In the end only the red candle is lit.

The leader of the ceremony says:

“Thank God for the all blessings and experiences this year has brought to us. Now we let it go in peace.”

Blow out the red candle.

In the dark, hold hands and feel the connection that binds everybody to life as the year ends.

Now someone should ring the bell.

 Guided Imagery

Note:  this point you can ignore the meditation and continue with the ritual. Its effectiveness will not be diminished, in the end, it is the intention with which we do things that counts.

Recommendations for guided imagery:

(I HIGHLY RECOMMENDTHAT you make a recording to play it at this point.
If you cannot make a recording, one of the group should read the following, slowly and with a softly and AUDIBLE voice, BUT, TRY TO GIVE your VOICE a deep TONE.   You shall make reasonable breaks to allow time for the breathing and for visions to take place.  I placed annotations such as "pause" and "long pause" just to indicate that you must give the person enough time to work with the visions.
The meditation is done sitting, with your back as straight as possible, with loosen clothes to be comfortable and you can also remove the shoes.

Guided Meditation.

Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply and slowly. (Pause)
Let the air out slowly. (Pause)

Breathe deeply and slowly. (Pause)
Let the air out slowly. (Pause)

Breathe deeply and slowly. (Pause)
Let the air out slowly. (Pause)

Breathe deeply and slowly. (Pause)
Let the air out slowly. (Pause)

Breathe deeply and slowly. (Pause)
Let the air out slowly. (Pause)

A warm breeze envelops you and (pause)
Keep breathing slowly, at the same rate (pause)

Relax the whole body, (pause) feel how weightless you are, (pause) feel fragile, (pause) light as a feather floating in space, (pause) your body is floating in space with abandon, (pause) you are a speck of dust adrift, (pause) a  light, (pause) floating, (pause) floating, (pause) flying, (pause) you are just a point of light in space, (pause) floating (pause) floating (Pause)

Now you come close to a beautiful boat floating on a serene river. (Pause)
You let yourself drop gently on a golden throne placed at one end of the boat. (Pause)
you note that you are dress in the style of an ancient Egyptian King... (Pause) On your head, the  well recognized headdress(Pause)
The placid boat moves to the beat of the oars (pause) sinking in the waters at the rhythm of  dozens of slave hands (pause) navigating in the calm, deep waters of the Nile
Some slaves approach you  with offerings  of food and  wine. (Pause)
 You look at them with contempt and order them with a haughty gesture to live you alone. (Pause)
You look around your vast kingdom (pause)
Beautiful palaces pass on either side of the river. (Pause)
You Feel proud of yourself, (pause)
 No one is more powerful than you, (pause)
 priceless treasures fill your palaces (pause)
But nevertheless, do not feel complete (pause)
Within you, something is missing, (pause)
You don’t  know what it is (pause)
But you know is causing you pain  (pausa)
The sun is about to hide behind the horizon (pause)
In the sky, two stars shine with fierce intensity, one at each end of the sky, like two titans ready to clash in a deadly duel. (Pause)

The boat is reaching a dock almost hidden between the soft green clouds of papyrus alongside the banks of the river (pause)

Several people dressed in white robes wait for you. (Pause)
You know who they are (pause)
you know what to expect and you tremble with fear (pause)

You disembark and approach the group of individuals. (Pause)
They start taking off all of your garments (pause)

In the background, the sphinx conceals a smile when it sees your nakedness (pause)
You  are given a tattered piece of garment stained with coal. (Pause)

Without a protest, like a little  lamb, you put on the stained clothes (pause)
The great pyramid,  like a huge mountain of stone, silently awaits in the distance (pause)

You walk toward the pyramid, almost dragging your feet (pause)
Now you are at the entrance of the pyramid (pause)

One of the stars in the sky shines with the brightness of fire (pause)

A priest comes closer to you and whispers:
“You are here by choice, to meet the real you,”(pause)

Here you will join those parts of you looking to separate you from the Divine.

“That's why you have left your position as king in this world and enter humbly seeking answers to the big questions of life”. (Pause)
“Keep going until you find your answers”
Now you enter the pyramid, everything looks dark, but you know you have to walk up toward your truth. What you will find inside is yours and yours alone. (Pause)
Start walking ( long pause)

Within the terrible darkness, a little light shines in the distance (pause)

You approach the king's chamber, (pause)
The brightness of the chamber almost  blind you.
There is someone waiting for you (pause)

It is an unexpected encounter and You fall on your knees at the vision in front of you. (Pause)
You feel deep emotions coming afloat (pause)
 The messenger  has a message for you (pause)

Now  the messenger comes near you and lets you know  the message (Pause (NOTE: AT THIS POINT LET GO A LONG PAUSE AS OF 5 MINUTES)

The messenger  tells you to step inside  the sarcophagus of the King (pause)
You do as you are told (pause)

A heavy stone is placed on top of the sarcophagus. (Pause) 

In that warm and comforting  place,  you meditate in the words received (long pause)
A light begins to shine on your forehead (pause)
The light grows within you  (pause)
Now you and the light are one
Now what separates you from yourself no longer exists, you are now complete,

You have become again a  point of light (pause)

Now you rise  up, out of the sarcophagus unto the pinnacle of the pyramid (pause)
The night is cold, silent, the sky is full of stars, the moon shines at its best (pause)

The North Star shines in all its splendor.

You're feel attracted to it. (Pause)

The Brightness of the star gradually grows and grows, its rays of light fill all space (pause)

Now you are in the middle of its shining light (pause)
The light envelops you and you feel comfort. 
For the first time in your life, everything is in order, in  balance (pause)
The feeling of joy is  overwhelming(pause)
Right from the  middle of the light, five small colored lights shine like polished diamonds (pause)

They fly and hover around you  attracted to your inner  light. (Pause)

"It is your gift", silently communicates the North Star.

Use it for your sake and the sake of your own

May God bless you and all around you. (Pause)
Now,  with a gracious movement you slip back into space
You are a speck of light floating in space
Gently you approach earth
You can see your body sitting in the chair,
Gently  you enter in your body
Now  you know  that you have become one with your inner self and a sense of peace, happiness, love, health, prosperity, wisdom overcomes you
That feeling will be with you every day of your life.
You became one with your body
Now You can feel  your breathing,  the warmth of your body
You can feel the floor under your feet.

Feel your body (pause)

Now to the count of three, you will open your eyes and you will feel rested and at peace.
One (pause)
Two (pause)
Three (pause)
End of the visualization

When you're fully awake, take one of the cups with wine and pour it into the other glass and takes its content, while exclaim:
The purity that once was mine in the Garden of Eden, now is coming  back to me and will stay with me forever. Amen.

Step Three
Prayers to  Welcome  the Light.

Ring the bell and read the following:

Chapter 3
1 There is a time for everything,    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
 2 a time to be born and a time to die,    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
 3 a time to kill and a time to heal,    a time to tear down and a time to build,
 4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
 5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
 6 a time to search and a time to give up,    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
 7 a time to tear and a time to mend,    a time to be silent and a time to speak,  
8 a time to love and a time to hate,    a time for war and a time for peace.

 (Ring the bell again)

Indeed, indeed,  we  pass through life without noticing the great blessings that God gives us daily.  But now our eyes have been opened and we have received the gifts of the Spirit.

They  will enable us to know when is the right time for everything is. Today we have become one with God and today and every other day of our lives we will  praise God from the depths of our soul.  We will appreciate all the blessings,  the New Year will brings, when we will get to see  the desires of our hearth fulfilled.  The time to enforce the gifts of the Spirit has come. Praise God,  who dwells within us.
(All repeat)

Now, turn on the red candle and ring the bell every time one of the participants lights his white candle .

Now all repeat:

The spirit of Christmas has come and today our hearts are filled with  joy.
Blessed be the light that God has sent us today.  It will fill my life with abundance and divine love. On this day I thank God in advance for opening the doors of prosperity and abundance  and for giving me  under grace and in a perfect way all the requests that  my box contains. Especially I thank God for the following:
(here  you will read aloud the written request  for the world or your community, etc.).

Now that all have their candles lit and have read their global requests,  everybody read out loud the following.

I am the Son of God, created in His own image and likeness. For me were  heavens and  earth created.. By divine right all the treasures of the universe belong to me.
God loves me and only wants  what is best for me, therefore I am worthy of prosperity and abundance throughout the universe, which comes into my hands as far as I'm willing to enjoy it. Today I opened one of the many doors of prosperity within me and today I feel worthy of  receiving  all this energy that will drive me to  the place where  I should be. Today all mental hurdles that I have created and which was preventing the abundance of God for coming  into my life has been destroyed. Today I am a new person.  Today I  have received the most precious of gifts, the gifts of the Spirit.  They will help me to discover myself, to open my soul to the truths of Being.  Today I was made one with God and He will be with me forever. All this I declare, under  Grace,  in a perfect way. Thank you Father, for your infinite kindness. Amen

Now you can open the bottle of wine and make a toast and eating a loaf of bread.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful New Year.

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