Friday, December 24, 2010


A Christmas message:

The best gift we can give away at Christmas is the ability to live our life to the fullest, with joy in our hearts and an unshakable faith that all of our issues will go extremely well… just because they are deposited in the hands of God.And how can we live in this manner?
The formula is simple. We must compel ourselves to develop the capacity for inner amazement before Creation, which is the mirror of God. We must cultivate the ability to express awe at least once a day.


When we witness a spectacular sunset, when we first see a newborn, when we stand in awe before a work of art, these are all situations that cause within us a feeling of exhilaration. And it occurs spontaneously with the expression WOW!

At this moment, we connect with God directly. At this moment we don’t need to pray, go to a church, etc. Our wonderment is the greatest tribute of respect, admiration and love for creation that we can offer to God. It is our state of rapture before the magnificence of what God has placed at our disposal.

The same ecstasy we feel before a great work of art must extend to all aspects of our daily life, to everything that is around us. Why do we go through life without stopping to think about where all those little things that make life enjoyable every day came from? Consider the toothpaste we use to brush every day for its pleasant smell and taste in our mouths. You say you bought it at the store and that it’s no cause for astonishment. Is that right? No, it’s totally false.

The processes by which this toothpaste had to go before reaching our hands should provoke a state of amazement. Someone, somewhere in the world had an enlightening idea and invented something to make human life more enjoyable. And so it is with everything around us; All is due to God's creation. God has created everything we see in nature and man creates in conjunction with God through his enlightening ideas and through the use of nature’s resources. We are creators as well because we are made in the image and likeness of God.

It is our capacity for wonder and rapture coupled with a dignified respect and sincere humility toward creation that moves us closer to God.

But let's be honest. As the saying goes, "It's easier said than done".
The key to a fulfilling life is in the practice of spiritual exercises. The weakling who wants to build muscles must go to the gym and lift weights. If the effort is constant and is done every day, the results will be seen in a new muscular body.Well, I'd say this person has been practicing the ability to be amazed with rapture, when he began to see their muscles form, when he saw what he was able to achieve with just a little effort and dedication. And when his friends see him, especially if they have not seen him since he started lifting weights, they all will say: WOW, followed by a lot of how well you look, how you've changed, how did you do it?

This can also work for us if we but practice to amaze ourselves with rapture. First toward the small little things that appear every day such as when a hummingbird finally comes to drink water at the source you have prepared for it. It might be the bread you bought at the store today that smells amazing or it may be that someone who woke up today in a good mood and kissed you on the cheek. It could be that you just saw yourself in the mirror and realized that you are unique in the world. Perhaps we are the product of a special gene capable of the most extraordinary potential imaginable. A gene  that had an extraordinary capacity as much as to create the extraordinary feat that connects millions of people around the world by means of an invisible network or the internet.

This is the key: be amazed today and every day; look for all those WOW's moments that are waiting for you; do not say you have not been told.

As the first commandment states: Putting God first, placing God on his pedestal above all and in our hearts every day. To wonder at the extraordinary and wonderful quality of the Architect of Excellence who has placed a universe without equal at our feet. Yet we dare to live our days without giving a thought to the wonder of creation around us.

Christmas is a special time to ignite our sense of wonder. We just have to take to the streets and see Christmas lights and decorations, the happy faces of children when they open their gifts, see our table full of family and friends enjoying unforgettable moments with us to exclaim, WOW! And WOW! Again and again.

What’s best is that with practice our lives become an endless series of WOW!And WOW!

WOw! The whole world is reading these words!

Have a Merry and Amazing Christmas and my wish that the New Year will bring many WOW’S! to you and to all those around you.

Please share with me your WOW's moments in 2011!!

With Love

La Canelo

Dallas, December 24th, 2010

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