Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poema No. 208



To  my friends Jerry and Carol on their wedding's anniversary!

(this poem was written for their wedding's day)


Oh glorious day this one,

When we place our hearts

Without   a single doubt

In each other’s hands.


I lived my life as if it was the perfect one

the game of life I played with expertise

moving from one black square to a white one

of  my  grandiose enclosure I was king.

But, then, one day I sit and ponder

why is it that I wonder?

although my life is fun and fine, a simple feast

I always feel I’m incomplete?

I couldn’t find an answer to this consuming fire

until one of those days when   life presents itself

with open arms, a smile upon its face;

you came to me as if a summer breeze

and,   in that magic moment my world fell into place.

Today,   our life is fun and fine, a simple feast

we move through life as one,   a single drop of rain

no matter where the wind would like to blow

our love is strong enough to stand the pain.

Today we celebrate with endless joy

the path that led us to each other arms

the peaceful place we built inside our hearts

the fire that always keeps us warm.

The place that we call home,   we celebrate

the simple daily moments that we share

the early morning coffee along with a sweet smile

the warmth that fill our house  when we’re not even there.

Today we celebrate the greatest Good

that turns our world  into a loving nest

In this eternal love, we sing and dance

In this eternal love, we’ve come to rest.


Oh glorious day this one

when life presents itself

with open arms

a smile upon   its face

today we become one

today we celebrate

today we drift along

across the universe.


Nothing’s going to change our world!

Nothing's going to change our world!!

A poem by Sandra Collazos McPherson
Dallas, TX  April 30th, 2013