Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poema No. 241


spring is here! 

don’t you see  the rosy  clouds
so full of tender care
the  heaven’s  bosom
eager to nurture mother earth! 

the garden has bloomed
plentiful,  bulging with  desire
to give away the  perfume of its roses
it’s red roses! 

i see the birds, hurriedly carrying out
the urge to build a nest  with little twigs
with  lots of love 

butterflies  and bumblebees
join the enchanted dance  the flowers have begun
fluttering its delicates wings, spreading
the gift  wrapped in golden dust 
honeysuckle's treasure
deep inside it's open petals
soothe the longing of iridescent
my little corner, this place of solitude
has been touched  by the warmest
brilliance  spreading  its golden rain
over the land 

what a fortune
to be part of this reign of wonder
to be able to touch the skin of love
with my gardener fingers! 

spring is here!

can’t you see it?

Poema de Sandra Collazos McPherson
Dallas, TX  April 30th, 2013