Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ah!  The intermittent
cycle of life!
renewal and joy!
The dark waters recede
in their necessary and tight
the butterflies, the iridescent petals,
the stem of the nascent green grass
came back
Ah! the fullness of the soul emerges
once more and aims
to the perfumed air
flying with the wind
Ah Here I am again!!
there was a time I dreamt
with multicolor birds with crystal nests
now only emptiness is my companion
my dreams of conqueror
went back to sleep
incognito, incognito
awake, you,
the one with bleary eyes
warped in your ice cave
stretch your shy arm
toward my incandescent embrace
only you can fly
blue wings and dark thoughts
fly, fly away and bring me back
the flower of this longing
Didn’t I tell you back then
That a time to sow
will come again?
In search of the sun
I extend my desires toward the light
and just because of that
blossoming is my gift.
A poem by Sandra Collazos
Dallas, TX September 26. 2010

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